Sara Ochs captivated the audience at Harper Library with inside info about The Resort, her “destination thriller” set in Thailand.  Ochs told us the book was based on a place she and her husband actually visited.  After falling in love with the small, tranquil beach town in Thailand, they were startled to learn that two British tourists had been murdered there a year earlier.  Putting her imagination to work, Ochs developed the plot for her own highly suspenseful story about a group of expats living beachside in Thailand who are not exactly who they seem to be.

Ochs, a lawyer and avid world traveler, embarked on her writing journey during the long days of the Covid-19 pandemic.  She submitted her pitch to a Twitter contest, without telling a soul besides her husband and parents, and landed an agent!  Her book was published in the UK as The Dive, and then after a few more years of editing (!) and a frustrating title change, was published in the US.

Ochs is currently working on her second book, another destination thriller based on a group of study abroad students.  It’s set in Australia, where Ms. Ochs herself spent a college semester abroad.  Hopefully that’s where the similarities end!