On March 21, the Friends of Library—Southport Oak Island sponsored a Meet the Author with Kris Rystrom Emmert, author of Providing Promise: A Navy Widow’s Journey to Hope, held in partnership with Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island.

The event drew a large audience to hear an inspiring author at this beautiful, off-site location. At the event, Kris shared the story of her husband, a Naval Flight Officer, who was lost in a tragic mishap at sea and how, through her deep and abiding faith, she forged a path forward. Kris’s journey serves to inspire others to experience their own healing and transformation.

On an early spring morning in March 1993, Kris saw the naval officers in their dress blues through her front door, and she knew—her husband Jon—was gone, and her perfect life shattered in an instant. She went from being a naval wife with two daughters, Jordyn and Taylor, who at the time were three and seven months, to being a naval widow and a single mom. 

As she spoke, Kris asked the audience to consider times when they faced wreckage in their lives because everyone experiences difficulties and dark days.

Kris also shared the turning point where she was able to let go of the dark despair in which she’d found herself and to recognize that she was deeply loved and special. That message came on a balloon — to learn the rest of the story, read Providing Promise.

Kris and her husband Joe Emmert also shared with the audience how they met and eventually married. Kris and Joe live on Oak Island, with her mom.

Kris is a member of Gold Star Wives of America and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and she’s available to speak to book clubs, Bible study groups, and other community organizations. For more information, visit https://providingpromise.org/.