Robert Remail, author of Better Days and The Diary of Dusty Fisher, provided a fun filled Meet the Author session on May 18th.

Formerly in the construction business, Robert has been a paid extra in nine locally filmed movies. His wife had felt he needed a job while writing his first four books—the first two are available at the library or on Amazon. As a reader—no spoiler alert, you need to look for the musical homage in each of his novels.

Better Days is a second-chance love story told by wisecracking, forty-something Johnny Rodgers, an entertainment lawyer who makes the best of any bad situation. Johnny’s a married guy whose wife has been in a wheelchair for fifteen years—and she’s not the nicest wife on the block.

So when the enchanting Janey joins the firm, Johnny’s smitten, convinced that love has come knocking for only the second time in his life. As Johnny traverses the bumpy, pothole-laden road toward his destiny, friends and coworkers interfere in ways both intrusive and supportive. Moral questions haunt him throughout. In the end, he overcomes his indecision and moves on to better days ahead.

In The Diary of Dusty Fisher, ride down a winding country road with Dusty Fisher, a young man and gifted musician from a small southern town, who sets out to master the world of country music only to become its most beloved star.

But Dusty soon discovers that money and fame arenot all they’re cracked up to be, and he devises a ruse that will allow him to escape his currentexistence and trade it in for something better.