“Change begins with one thought, one action, one voice. To see a change you must be thechange.” — Rose M. Jones

Jones discussed the themes of her two novels: Mildred the Bird Lady and Mildred’s Legacy.

The first novel introduces us to four-year-old Mary, who meets Mildred the Bird Lady in a park. The book uses the metaphor of the “homeless lady who feeds the birds everyday” as a way to address and break stigmas. This first book looks at kindness, caring and art through the eyes of a child and an older adult. Jones added, “the art is how you hold the pencil.” It’s about taking the time to become a true friend.

In the second novel, Mildred’s Legacy, Mary is now an adult. If you look up the poem entitled The Dash by Linda Ellis, you will better understand that Mildred’s Legacy is about Mary’s “Dash” and the lives of eight young adults.

Jones described this novel as being about “believing in each other, helping each other and inspiring each other.”

The novels stand alone or can be read in a series. At the end of the program Jones and her husband Chip graciously decided to give all attendees a complimentary copy of each novel. What a treat for the full-house gathering at Barbee Library.

Jones works to help people in recovery from addiction and serves as a mentor to teens and preteens regarding addiction. She developed her interest in writing while in college at CFCC with a degree in Arts and UNCP with a BA in Sociology.