Recently Cindy Phillips, Vice President of Folsoi, invited three homeschooled kids and their mom to the FOLSOI bookstore. 6th grader Vivian Henry wrote a wonderful review of the bookstore for the Homeschool United Newsletter, a monthly newsletter by kids for kids that Vivian edits. Members of the board were delighted and impressed by Vivian’s review and decided to publish it on our blog. Below is her review:

Explore Once More Bookstore

by Vivian Henry

In February my family and I were invited to the Once More Bookstore in Southport, NC so that we could help get the word out about what they have to offer.

It was shocking that all the books had been donated and were being sold for a dollar or less. The store is run by volunteers from Friends of the Library. The money that the volunteers receive from Once More Bookstore goes to the Southport and Oak Island libraries. 

The store had a great kids section and my siblings and I found great books. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. My mom also found several books that she liked. 

Part of the Kid’s section at Once More Bookstore

I got a book for 50 cents, Zeke (my little brother) got a book for 25 cents, and Ruby got one for 50 cents.

Ruby, Zeke and Vivian with their “new” books.

Cindy and all of the volunteers were so nice to me and my family and showed us everything we needed and answered all of our questions.

Zeke enjoying his book

Once More Bookstore is located inside and in the back of Southport Realty. Go in the main doors for Southport Realty and go straight down the hall and to the right, there are signs up. They are open Monday – Friday 1pm-3pm and Saturday 10am-12pm.

Once More Bookstore is located at 727 N Howe St, Southport, NC 28461