Barbee Library patrons were treated to a fun, motivational presentation by local author and registered Dietician Nutritionist, Judes Scharman Draughon. 

Attendees were inspired to start the new year off right with a little help from Judes and her book, ”12 Fixes to Healthy”. This no-guilt approach to a healthy lifestyle is based on a Mediterranean diet. It’s not overwhelming or complicated and can easily be integrated into any lifestyle.

Judes’ book is a wellness plan for life that outlines these 12 Fixes to Healthy:

  • Fix 1 – Swap Sugar
  • Fix 2 – Plan Protein
  • Fix 3 – Boost Gut
  • Fix 4 – Push Produce
  • Fix 5 – Eat Early
  • Fix 6 – Move More
  • Fix 7 – Water Well
  • Fix 8 – Shift Surroundings
  • Fix 9 – Switch Fat
  • Fix 10- Change Grains
  • Fix 11 – Munch Mindfully
  • Fix 12 – Sleep Soundly

Judes’ “12 Fixes to Healthy” is not a diet book but more of a formula based on current food science for living a healthier, happier life. Her 12-week challenge program helps people make small changes in their eating habits and lifestyle that produce big changes in their physical and mental health. She also maintains a terrific website called “Foods with Judes” which has great pictures, recipes, and practical advice.

If you’re looking to make some positive lifestyle changes this year, check out “12 Fixes to Healthy” at the Brunswick County Public Library. She is also available through her website,, for local speaking engagements and 12-Week Group Challenges.