An afternoon of self-reflection and inspiration was the genre of the latest Meet the Author program at Barbee Library on Tuesday, November 15th.   Three authors, each of whom penned a book in the 10 Little Rules motivational series, shared deeply personal stories with the audience and read stirring excerpts from their books. The library on Oak Island was the final stop in the trio’s Brunswick County Library “book tour.”

Carol Pearson, series founder and author of the first book, 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life, recounted how a chain of life-altering events in 2009 had left her feeling adrift. Within the course of a year, she had become an empty nester, gone through a divorce, sold her home, and lost her business.

Through sheer tenacity, Carol found a way to restart her life, and through some serious soul-searching, she came to understand that following your heart and consciously choosing your own path makes a person truly happy. She turned her newfound happiness into an inspiring book. Upon learning that there are inspirational women everywhere willing to share their insights with others, she created the Ten Little Rules series.   

Ten Little Rules Meet the Authors Event November 2022

Micki Beach, the owner of Wilmington-based Tree of Life Yoga and Thai Bodywork, told us she wrote the book 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth after being inspired by Carol as they practiced yoga on the beach in Oak Island. Micki explained that as an “empath,” someone who feels other people’s emotions on a deeper level than most, she struggled with subverting her own wants and needs to the point where she knew her life had to change. 

Micki’s journey required a lot of honest, sometimes painful, self-evaluation and a determination to live her truth. Her book leads readers through a series of reflections and shows us how to connect with our mind, heart, and body through simple yoga poses that even a novice can do.

Amy Hege Atwell, the owner of The Painted Mermaid shop on Howe Street in Southport, developed a relationship with Carol Pearson through the blog she writes for her store’s website. Amy’s book 10 Little Rules for Becoming a Mermaid grew from those deeply reflective posts.

Amy told us how she channels the spirit of a mermaid to maintain a sense of independence rather than relying on “the kindness of strangers” to get her through challenging situations. She now enjoys the freedom of living the life she chooses rather than blindly following the expectations of others, like so many humans tend to do!

In closing, the women referred to each other as members of a “tribe” and stressed the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who support and encourage us to live our best life.

To purchase books in the “10 Little Rules” series, go to  All of the books have writing prompts and space for journaling to help you start your own journey of self-reflection.  They also make wonderful gifts!  Of course, you can also find them at the library!