An afternoon of reflection and inspiration was the genre of the latest Meet the Author program at Harper Library on Friday, June 24th. Three amazing female authors, each of whom penned a book in the “10 Little Rules” motivational series, read excerpts from their books and graciously shared personal stories with the audience.

Carol Pearson, creator of the series and author of the first book, “10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life,” began by recounting how a succession of life-changing events forced her to re-evaluate the way she was approaching her life. She learned the merits of following your heart and consciously choosing a path that makes you happy. Turns out Carol also followed her yoga instructor, Micki Beach, all the way to the coast!  

Micki, owner of the Tree of Life Yoga studio on Oak Island, wrote the book “10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth.”  She discussed her own journey to finding truth in life through honest, sometimes painful, self-reflection. Utilizing her talents as a yoga instructor, her book leads readers through a series of self-reflections by making connections with mind, heart and body.

Amy Hege Atwell, owner of The Painted Mermaid shop on Howe Street in Southport, wrote “10 Little Rules for Becoming a Mermaid” and followed Micki by encouraging us to channel the spirit of a mermaid, developing a sense of independence and enjoying the freedom to live the life we want, rather than blindly following the expectations of others, like most humans!

All three authors share a passion for yoga and daily meditation and encouraged us to do the same, in whatever form works. The three women referred to each other as members of a “tribe” and stressed the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who support and encourage us to live our best life.

Beach and Atwell recounted how they came to find themselves writing a book – who can say no to our own, lovely Carol Pearson?!   Based on the positive feedback from her own book, Carol said she realized there were inspirational women everywhere who could offer others their insights and advice, so she created the series.   

There may not have been a dry eye in the room by the time this program was over. . . but everyone was inspired to do some soul searching and maybe sign up for a yoga class! 


To purchase books in the “10 Little Rules” series, go to All of the books have writing prompts and space for journaling to help you start your journey of self-reflection. They also make wonderful gifts!