Way back in the late 1950s, librarians and book sellers across the country began to ring the alarm on a dramatic decrease in library usage and book purchases—at the same time America’s use of a new technology called television was rising. Worried that America’s collective brain was going to mush in the face of the rapid rise in TV and radio use, the American Library Association founded National Library Week as a way to re-charge reading across the country.

This year we celebrate National Library Week April 3-9, honoring libraries of all kinds nationwide, including town and city libraries as well as those in colleges, universities and secondary schools. 

National Library Week is a time to shine a spotlight on the role of libraries and librarians in transforming our lives and strengthening our communities. More than just a place to borrow books, libraries offer places to study, take classes, connect through clubs, access free Internet, and perhaps most important, tap the knowledge and expertise of professional library staff.

SNL Cast Member Chairs

The theme of the 2022 National Library Week, “Let’s Get Connected!” is best explained by this year’s Honorary Chair Molly Shannon, the actress and comedian famous for her Saturday Night Live days:

 Libraries are places where communities connect—to things like broadband, computers, programs and classes, books, movies, video games, and more. But most importantly, libraries connect us to each other.” 

Ms. Shannon, whose mother was a librarian, holds a special place in her heart for libraries and is a strong advocate on their behalf.  She herself has written a children’s book called “Tilly the Trickster” and a memoir about to be released, humorously titled “Hello, Molly!”  Check them out at the library!

Celebrate the Love!

So, head down to Harper or Barbee Library during National Library Week for a good book or movie, and sign up for a class or a program while your there!

Join your local Friends of the Library group, or renew your membership, to help support the continued growth and maintenance of educational and cultural programs at Harper and Barbee!

And help spread the word about all of the great things our libraries have to offer – and new things coming down the pipeline!