Monday, March 21 is World Poetry Day, a day the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) set aside in 1999 to recognize the many wonderful forms of poetry that entertain, challenge and inspire us. In honor of this auspicious occasion, we present the following “Ode to the Friends of the Library Southport & Oak Island” (FOLSOI.)

When budgets are tight, a library depends

On timely assistance from book-loving friends

Southport and Oak Island have come to enjoy

The efforts of Friends who belong to FOLSOI


FOLSOI raises funds through used book sales and grants

Our generous donors, when given the chance

Fund books in the genres and types they hold dear

For Barbee and Harper Libraries each year


With our bargain prices, used book sales are final

For books, puzzles, DVDs, records of vinyl

These gently used items can still provide thrills

Reuse them and keep them out of our landfills!


We sponsor great programs live-streamed over Zoom

Or at the library with folks in the room

We host “Meet the Author” events where you might

Discover new fiction to bring you delight


On “Opera Sunday” (postponed, sad to say)

The UNCW folks come our way

With opera snippets, new programs each year

A joyous tradition that many hold dear


The Lego robotics gained FOLSOI acclaim

By helping kids learn while just playing a “game”

Perhaps these young folks will go on to careers

With skills they acquired from our volunteers


Library STEM programs and reading for tots

Informative workshops, yes, we offer lots!

Support from the Friends brings you all this and more

New library resources you can explore


So many achievements that we can extol

But rest on our laurels? That’s not how we roll!

Our “Voice of the Customer” survey last year

Was shared with the County; our findings made clear


That vibrant libraries are more than a “space”

Improvements are needed if they’re to keep pace

Commissioners listened and changes are due

Stay tuned – we will soon have some good news for you!


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