January is National Hobby Month, celebrating the ways we pursue creativity, strength, nutrition, relaxation, exhilaration, wisdom and good cheer. The term “hobby” comes from a 16th century term “hobyn” meaning a small horse or pony. Toy hobby horses – sticks with the head of a horse – were for children to ride in their imagined adventures. By the 18th century, hobbies once considered frivolous evolved into pastimes worthy of respectability.

Today, hobbies are big business, embraced by millions for enjoyment and escape from a stressful world. Hobbies can also be pathways to profitability. The only question now: which of thousands of hobbies would suit YOU? Here are some ideas!

Arts and crafts – for many, that where it’s at

Baking and cooking – your friends will love that!

Camping and hiking – breathe in that fresh air

Dancing – your chance to be like Fred Astaire

Escape rooms – find clues that will help you get out

Fly fishing – chasing the elusive trout

Golf – join a foursome and head to the links

Home brewing – find out what goes in your drinks

Ironman sports – if you are the “tough” kind

Jigsaws and crosswords to sharpen your mind

Kayak, canoe – pond, creek, river, or lake

Live-action role play – what role will you take?

Metal detecting – find treasures down deep

Napping – the hobby for those who crave sleep

Orienteering – you’ll never be lost

Pickleball – fun sport with minimal cost

Quilting – alone or as part of a “bee”

Reading – a library card makes it free!

Storm chasing might lift you right off the ground

Travel – for folks who love getting around

Ultimate Frisbee – toss disks, laugh, and run

Vegetable growing – add water and sun

Wine tasting – fun, but please don’t overdo!

Xbox games open up new worlds for you

Yoga relaxes you, puts you at ease

Ziplining – thrills as you fly over trees


So many great options are waiting for you

Resolve to begin a new hobby… or two!