Meet Ellie! She lives on Bald Head Island with her grandparents, Robin and Mark Prak. Ellie loves to explore the island, enjoying the beautiful scenery and scents, all while searching for the local wildlife that call Bald Head home. Ellie likes to chase squirrels, deer, birds, and sometimes even alligators. But Ellie’s favorite are the sea turtles, who nest and hatch on the beaches of Bald Head from early May through late October every year.

Robin Prak is Ellie’s owner and a well-known photographer and naturalist on Bald Head Island. Robin so enjoys seeing the island through Ellie’s eyes, that she decided to write a book about their adventures together. Not only did Robin write Ellie on the Island, but she also illustrated and self-published it. Ellie on the Island is a delightful children’s book for Grade Level 3 – 5 readers. Younger children would surely enjoy hearing about Ellie’s adventures if read to them by Mom or Dad.

Author Robin Prak (center) with Ellie, along with FOLSOI President Carol Brolley (left) and Heather Donnell, Harper Library Branch Manager (right).

When Robin finished writing her book, she reached out to FOLSOI President, Carol Brolley, to offer a donated copy to Harper Library in Southport. Earlier this week, Robin and Ellie came to Harper and brought a copy of Ellie on the Island to add to the Children’s collection. If you know a child who loves dogs and sea turtles, this is a book for them.  Actually, all children, locals or visitors, would be interested in reading about Ellie’s adventures on Bald Head Island. Stop by Harper Library to check out Ellie on the Island for that child in your life. Both of you are sure to enjoy it.