Hutcheson Memorial

The Charmaine Hutcheson Family Honors Barbee Library

If this were not such a solemn and heartfelt expression of appreciation, one would start with “Once upon a time.” Even so, once upon a time, a baby was born and if the persons who were there had listened very closely, they would have heard her cry, “Hello, world, here I am.” From the very beginning, Charmaine C. Hutcheson left an imprint on life few others can equal.

She embraced a variety of passions: a love of family, a commitment to learning, an excitement about all aspects of life, an enthusiasm about the environment ranging from the mountains to the ocean, and most of all, a consuming devotion to young people. Mrs. Hutcheson dedicated her entire professional life to teaching.

It becomes obvious that Mrs. Hutcheson’s devotion to youth and guiding children in their transition to adulthood was not simply measured by the number of years in her chosen profession. She was truly “there” for her students, assisting those who faced challenges in learning and reaching out to others who might have been troubled or were experiencing difficult times. The depths of these achievements are reflected in the words of her family, friends, and students as they shared their memories. She “lit a lantern by which so many were able to carry a lifetime of light.”

It is amazing that this wonderful person also nurtured her inner self. She lived a life of giving and receiving: from gardening to camping, from cheering for her favorite football team to dancing to the music of the contemporary bands of her liking, from sewing to the love of wildlife and nature. She lived a life of loving and being loved. How fortunate it was for those persons who were touched by Mrs. Hutcheson in life.

And now her lifetime achievements will continue to touch the lives of children. Her family has chosen to further a celebration of life through the development of a special “nook” just for children. Nestled in the midst of Barbee Library activities, child size rockers are now perched on a beautiful carpet depicting the countries of the world. A broad selection of children’s books has been added to the existing library collection, and the books are easily reached on new, accessible bookcases.

Library patrons are urged to bring their children and grandchildren to use this area. Children visiting the library in any capacity are welcome. The Friends of the Library Southport/Oak Island sincerely expresses appreciation to the family of Mrs. Charmaine Hutcheson.

Prepared with input from the family by Judith Kurzer, FOLSOI Board Member.

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