Grants Received

BEMC Grant

In 2018, we received the BEMC Grant for a Makerspace for the Children’s room at Harper.

ATMC Grant

In 2019, we received the ATMC Grant for a Mobile Memory Lab that will allow patrons to digitize their photos, video and audio recordings, and slides

Walmart Community Grant

The Walmart Community Grant allows us to purchase a new laptop and hire a qualified instructor to teach computer skills to senior citizens

Support Our Libraries

Thank you for your support of The Friends of the Library of Southport and Oak Island. Your donations help us help our community’s libraries!

Our Impact

Our mission is to serve our community by supporting excellence in collection and program development and more at Harper and Barbee Libraries.

$ Raised from Grants

$ Raised from Donations

$ Raised from Memberships

$ Raised from Our Book Sales


Volunteers/Hours Worked

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