Books, books, and more books!  Books that educate us, books that entertain us, books that raise our awareness and increase our empathy toward others. Who can get enough of them? 

If you are one of those people, then National Book Lovers Day is a day for you! 

Put down your cell phone, turn off the television (luckily the Olympics will be over by then!) and curl up with your favorite book on Monday, August 9. 

Rediscover the wonder of a classic novel or dive into a thrilling mystery.  Escape on an adventure or find solace in a beautiful romance.  Whether you prefer a digital reader, and audio book, or a traditional hardback or paperback book, it doesn’t matter. National Book Lovers Day is a time to celebrate the invention of books in all their many forms!

Did you know? In the Middle Ages, books were written on calf skin and bound with wooden covers? 

Did you know? Libraries didn’t always allow patrons to borrow books?  In fact, they used to chain books to desks so that people would not steel them!

Luckily for us, the invention of the printing press in the sixteenth century and the development of more affordable paper, bindings and covers in subsequent time periods led the proliferation of public libraries and books that were accessible to just about everyone.

However you choose to celebrate, don’t forget National Book Lover’s Day Monday, August 9. Enjoy the read!