This week, FOLSOI amateur archeologists Diana Fotinatos (past president, and current publicity committee chair) and Barbara Lemos (Roving Reporter) uncovered a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts dating back to the 1990s, the Dark Ages before the construction of Barbee Library.

Among the major “finds” are documents chronicling the work of Wolfgang Furstenau and his fellow Oak Island “Boosters” who raised the initial funds and helped to secure the land to build this historic edifice.

Wolfgang and Susan Angelow – who served 17 years as the second branch manager at Barbee Library – have very graciously donated these scrolls along with chronicles, petroglyphs, and other unique records to FOLSOI. Our crack team of archeologists and curators plan to archive these treasures in digital form for the benefit of future researchers.

Watch this space for highlights of our excavations as we share the remarkable findings that remind us that determined individuals can change the world for the benefit of future generations!