Superheroes help us escape from reality. They entertain us. But most of all, they show us that good triumphs over evil and justice wins out. So, it’s no wonder we love them. And this week, we’ll celebrate them on National Superhero Day, Wednesday, April 28.

We love superheroes in all forms – books, comic strips, DVDs, movies, and sound recordings. And the Brunswick County libraries have a large collection of each – actually, about 140 in total, and they’re not all for kids. Let’s take a look at a few.

We’ll start with where it all began, with Superman, the first and still the most popular superhero. He was the creation of two high school kids, in 1938, and has evolved over the years to reflect the current times and challenges. But who of us will ever forget the originals — Clark Kent and Lois Lane? For more of Superman history, check out Glen Weldon’s Superman: The Unauthorized Biography.

Then came Spider-Man, Batman, Hulk, and Wonder Woman. The Spider-Man 2 DVD is definitely worth watching. Wonder Woman’s Be a Star has wonderful illustrations. Avengers: Hero Tales is one of several “Passport to Reading” books for early readers.

For the younger set, there is Public School Superhero, written by James Patterson, the famous author of so many best-selling adult mysteries.

If you happen to have a kid like mine was, and he or she hounds you to make a Batman cape, you are in luck because there is even an instruction book on how to do that.