If you have ever set foot in Southport Realty’s 727 N. Howe Street office in Southport, chances are that you met their “office cat,” June Bug. He was a fixture, well known to our FOLSOI book sale volunteers sorting and pricing books for our pre-COVID book sales. Cats and libraries have had a long affiliation across the ages. For all but the allergic (to whom we extend our heartfelt sympathies), well-tempered cats can enhance the pleasure of selecting and reading the ideal book.

June Bug enjoyed his peaceful surroundings, and with all his needs attended to, this fortunate feline was living large. However, when Southport Realty expanded their office, the construction work disrupted his idyllic lifestyle. The staff, fearing that this wily black cat might escape into the Howe Street traffic, decided that it was time to find June Bug a more traditional home.

Since this was not the sort of relocation that Southport Realty normally handled, FOLSOI posted an adoption outreach flyer. Soon thereafter, a family in Southport – regular FOLSOI book sale customers – saw it on our web site and stepped up to adopt June Bug. They report that he is adjusting well to his new home which features a screened porch with plenty of birds and squirrels to daydream about. He has also developed an interest in watching television, and purrs contentedly under the care of his loving “staff.”

All of us at FOLSOI are grateful for our wonderful friends at Southport Realty who have graciously hosted our book sale inventory space and our book sales. This “purrfect” community partnership that has enabled FOLSOI to raise the funds to support all the great programs offered through Harper Library and Barber Library. Next time you are in downtown Southport, please stop by and let Southport Realty’s folks know how much you appreciate their support!

Image courtesy freepik.com/stockgiu