Wow! It’s been a crazy year. For everyone, Friends of the Library of Southport and Oak Island included! Stay-at-home orders, wearing masks and social distancing were the headlines everywhere.

For FOLSOI, closure of our used bookstore located in the spacious backroom at Southport Realty, not once but twice, caused us to pause. These closures caused a dramatic 20% decrease in our income in 2020 which is used to fund programs, events and even purchase new books for both Harper and Barbee Libraries.

But there is some really good news in the middle of this unprecedented year! FOLSOI members and donors stepped up last year like never before. Friends of the Library memberships have increased by an amazing 76% over 2019. And outright donations went up by 13% over 2019!  Thank you!

[Meet FOLSOI’s Treasurer, Diana Weaver]

While we are forced to tighten our belts as we tackle 2021, we need your support more than ever. We need more memberships, both renewals and new friends, and more outright donations to fill the huge gap created by our inability to sell books at the bookstore.

Our libraries are currently open for taking out books and use of computers. Stop by! Say hello. Become a friend. And we also hope to see you at the bookstore as soon as we can open!


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