When Stephanie Webster, Parent Facilitator at Southport Elementary School (above, left) , reached out to FOLSOI for books for their first and fourth grade classrooms, we delivered. This year has already been filled with challenges for students due to COVID pandemic restrictions, so FOLSOI Membership Chair Gail Sawchuk (above,, right) sprang into action.

Gail and her husband Pete are the owners of Sea Clean Windows, offering “windows washed by hand” for commercial and residential customers in Southport, Oak Island, St. James, Leland, and Shallotte. With clean windows comes clarity of vision. Gail, seeing a need in the community, realized that she had exactly what was needed: an array of books and math learning kits that could be put to use immediately.

On a cold and blustery day, she wheeled her boxes up to the door of the school and explained what treasures rested inside for the kids. FOLSOI President Carol Brolley (above, center) facilitated the donation and saw the impact that Gail’s generosity had on teachers and school administrators who rely on the generosity of FOLSOI and other organizations to provide the best for their students.

Who knows: Perhaps some of these young readers and math students will follow in Gail’s footsteps, working for local businesses or launching their own enterprises. If so, they could accomplish great things by following in her footsteps, seeing opportunities and helping those in need in the community.

For more on Sea Clean Windows, here are their website, Facebook, and NextDoor pages.