Stuck indoors on a rainy day in a rainy week in a rainy month? No worries, kids! Harper Library and the Friends of the Library Southport & Oak Island have you covered! No sunshine was needed, just the beaming smile of “Miss Joy” from the Massachusetts Audubon Society sharing her “education animals” with our on-line Zoom audience of spellbound kids.

Her “Not So Scary Wild Animals” program was a great intro to the libraries’ new six-week series (Tuesdays through July 21, from 11-11:30 am on Zoom).

Many seemingly scary animals are scared of us! From the tiny bumblebee to the giant tiger shark, most animals prefer social distancing from humans, and interact with us only when they have no other choice.

Sharks, while curious about us, steer clear of us except when they have been known to let humans remove fishhooks from their mouths, not a task for the faint of heart! The bumblebee is vital to our survival, pollinating the plants that provide us with fruits and vegetables. If we find them frightening, remember: “if you see a bee, make like a tree” and stand still.

Miss Joy introduced us to Dory, a snake native to Texas, and reminded everyone that only specially trained scientists should pick up a snake in the wild. Dory (which should have been short for “adorable”) was a great ambassador for snakes, but here in North Carolina, we have venomous snakes that should be avoided!

Since snakes do not have a sense of hearing, they sense our approach by the vibration of our footsteps, so remember to “stomp when you walk!”

Rosie the tarantula happily climbed on Miss Joy, who explained this giant hairy spider’s “superpower”: being able to shed her entire exoskeleton, fangs included! Do not try this at home! It was a remarkable feat of nature that left everyone eager for the next session. Join the fun next Tuesday, June 23 at 11, for “Wild About Reptiles”!

To register and receive the Zoom link, call either Harper Library at (910) 457-6237 or Barbee Library at (910) 278-4283.