NEW SERIES! Children’s Wildlife Programs

Tuesdays on Zoom | 11-1:30 AM | June 16-July 21

To register and receive the Zoom link (free!):

Call Harper Library (910) 457-6237  | Call Barbee Library (910) 278-4283

Attendance will earn you an additional entry into a Grand Prize Drawing! But you must be registered for Summer Reading to win!

This summer, Harper and Barbee Libraries are offering series of exciting wildlife programs featuring live animals! Join Joy Marzolf, a naturalist and educator for over 20 years, in this exciting new adventure. 

Joy’s passion is educating the public about wildlife, especially animals that are not “cute and furry.” She teaches various photography programs and specializes in photographing wildlife. Joy enjoys taking images both above and below the water and has photographed everything from grizzly bears, sharks and venomous snakes to butterflies around the world. 

Not Really So Scary Animals: Tuesday, June 16, 11-11:30 am 
Some animals like sharks, snakes and spiders we think of as scary, but are they really when we learn more about them? Many seemingly “scary animals” have really important jobs in nature, even helping people! Don’t miss meeting some not really so scary animals too!

Wild About Reptiles: Tuesday, June 23, 11-11:30 am
Can turtles really leave their shells like they do in the cartoons? Are snakes really slimy? What is the difference between a lizard and a snake and an alligator? Learn more about our wonderful scaly friends and meet some real reptiles.

Terrific Turtles Tuesday, June 30, 11-11:30 am  
What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? How big can a sea turtle grow? Are all turtle shells the same? Find out for yourself! Learn more about our wonderful shelled friends and meet some real turtles!

Leaping Lizards! Tuesday, July 7, 11-11:30 am 
From a tiny anole and a huge Komodo dragon to the venomous Gila monster, lizards can look very different. How are they similar? How do their differences actually help lizards survive around the world and even here? Find out about some of the amazing abilities of different lizards and don’t miss our special lizard guest.

Creepy Crawlies: Tuesday, July 14, 11-11:30 am
How do you hiss without using your mouth? Breathe without lungs or gills? Move if you don’t have legs? This program features some of the strange and creepy critters from our wild and wacky world of animals. Visit with some live creepy creatures!

Sensational Snakes! Tuesday, July 21, 11-11:30 am
Some people fear snakes, but we often fear what we do not understand. Snakes look very different and move very differently from many other animals, but anything that is different can be amazing too. Learn how snakes act as important predators and help people in many ways we may not realize. What should you do if you see a snake? Come find out and meet some very sssssspecial guests.

To register and receive the Zoom link, call either Harper Library at (910) 457-6237 or Barbee Library at (910) 278-4283.  Attendance will earn you an additional entry into the Grand Prize Drawing!

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