In a global pandemic, when we’re justifiably frightened and overwhelmed, the last thing on our mind may be the possibility of a “Blissy Life.” Yet, out of turmoil–whether personal tragedy, natural disaster, economic crises, family stresses–can come clarity and healing. 

That’s what nearly 100 participants in our first FOLSOI “Meet the Author” livestreamed event on Friday, March 20, heard from local authors Carol Pearson and Micki Beach. About 78 folks joined in on Facebook and another 17 on Zoom–try packing all those people into a library meeting room! 

Authors Carol Pearson (top photo, 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life) and Micki Beach (above, 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth) talk with viewers during Friday’s live chat.

Carol is a freelance business writer and founder of the “10 Little Rules” boutique publishing house. Her pathway to a “blissy” life, captured in her book 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life, came after some life-altering wake-up calls that she likened to the sudden upheaval inside a snow globe. She began questioning the wisdom of societal expectations. Instead of asking “what if” about the downside of life choices, she started listening to her heart and viewing her life through a lens of love, grateful even for hard lessons born of adversity. 

Knowing that others were struggling on similar journeys, Carol not only wrote her book, but launched the “10 Little Rules” series, helping others share their truth.

Among her fellow authors is Micki Beach, owner of Tree of Life Yoga Studio on Oak Island. Micki realized that, in her dark times, she had subconsciously eliminated many simple joys from her life, things as simple as sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, resting her feet on her dog, and creating beautiful crafted journals. As she recounts in 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth, embracing these comforts helped her live authentically, in rhythm with life’s cues. 

We plan to host more livestreamed content now that the libraries are closed and we’re homebound. In the meantime, visit to order these inspiring books; they may help you navigate these uncharted waters.