Note: Our Roving Reporter went to Harper Library in Southport on Monday, March 2 to enjoy a visit and Story Time with the Cat in the Hat. Here’s her review of the event:

“A person’s a person, no matter how small”

This Dr. Seuss quote is one folks may recall 

Today, some small people, from infants to tots

Enjoyed hearing stories that brought smiles! Lots!

For who but the Cat in the Hat would appear

At Harper Library, an icon so dear 

To read to the children, some fourteen or more

Excited to show off their esprit de corps

For Dr. Seuss’ birthday’s a day when we read

To honor a man who was beloved indeed

By boomers, GenXers, GenY, and now those

Who’ve barely emerged from their swaddling clothes

Our libraries offer great content like this

It’s truly a shame anybody would miss 

A chance to hear Seuss from the Cat in the Hat

In such an inviting and fun habitat 

Where kids’ sense of wonder continues non-stop

From “Green Eggs and Ham”, “Fox in Socks”, “Hop on Pop”

There’s nothing like seeing and hearing the joy 

Of library programs put on by FOLSOI!