Did you ever imagine you’d be spending your “golden years” trying to troubleshoot–let alone understand–your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop? Probably not. 

Your well-meaning kids or grandkids might have handed you that shiny new device and given you five minutes of instruction, telling you, “you’re all set,” and then flown home, leaving you with state-of-the-art gadgetry and old-school exasperation.  

Here’s great news: your local libraries are offering new Senior Technology Workshops to help you untangle whatever mess you’ve found yourself in, electronically, and learn some cool new skills. 

Free workshops are scheduled for Harper Library in Southport (Friday, Feb. 21, March 6, 20, from 11 am to 12 noon), and Barbee Library on Oak Island (Friday, Feb. 28, March 13, 27, from 11 am to 12 noon).

For example, if you want to master e-mail, texting, managing your hundreds of photos (or your hundreds of passwords!), navigating social media, or protecting yourself from identity theft, these workshops are for you. 

Sponsored by Friends of the Library Southport & Oak Island (FOLSOI) and funded by a grant from Walmart, these sessions provide some classroom instruction and some one-on-one help with your issues, so bring your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or laptop and your questions. Sometimes a simple “fix” is all it takes to solve your problem and get you “back in business!”