Is your brain teeming with fascinating experiences, conflicting emotions, and unique perspectives yearning to escape into a compelling family memoir, a short story, a novel, a poem, or a play? 

Discover how to channel your creativity in a new Creative Writing Workshop, led by the energetic Laura Collins, at Barbee Library on Oak Island, Wednesdays at 10 am. 

Creative writing is a way to explore and share your observations, and the workshop is the perfect “sandbox” for your experimentation. 

Benjamin Franklin once advised, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Attendees to the first workshop brought a wealth of personal and professional experience absolutely worth writing about–including remarkable “bucket list” adventures such as backpacking around the world. 

Some of the writers were adept at technical or academic writing and accustomed to meeting deadlines and adhering to rigorous structure. Why, then, would they find writing fiction to be a daunting challenge?

It certainly wasn’t for lack of fascinating life experiences, intellect, imagination, or willpower. What attendees were seeking was some guidance from Collins on how to focus their efforts, and that’s exactly what the workshop provides. 

The six-week series follows a logical flow, encouraging participants to weave their experiences into fiction, whether in prose, poetry, memoir, or drama format. 

Laura’s encouragement is hard to resist. She knows her stuff, she’s open to all levels of participation, and provides great insights into the creative process. There’s no “right way” to proceed but her program lays out a process to build skills and convert your elusive ideas into written form, whether for your own edification or the enlightenment of others. 

There’s still time to enroll in this remarkable program which continues from February 19 through March 18. Call 910-278-4238 or stop by Barbee Library to register. If you’ve considered a creative writing program, this is the one. Go for it.