Cape Fear A Capella Christmas & Seasonal Songs & Carols, Harper Library, Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 

Today, I bring news of a wonderful chorus

Fine folks who had shown up at Harper before us 

Appearing in seasonal festive apparel

Six men and ten women to sing us a carol

Well, eighteen, in fact, in an hour well spent

Reminding us just what the holiday meant

The room was filled full, thirty folks did I see 

From babies in arms to folks older than me 

Room filled with joy with the songs they brought forth

Two from Carolina: one South and one North

And one from Ukraine (which has been on our mind

A respite from which we were grateful to find) 

Next up, “Funky Dreidel”, a Hanukkah song

The harmonies too complex to sing along 

But sing we all did when old favorites were sung 

As parents and grandparents sang to the young 

From calm “Silent Night” to the tree we rocked ‘round

The library filled with a beautiful sound

Exhorted like shepherds to “Rise Up and Foller”

Our voices grew bolder, our nervousness smaller 

No need for self-consciousness! Send up your song!

You don’t know the words? Well, then just hum along! 

Soprano or alto or tenor or bass

We all left the room with a grin on our face